Vascular Lesions

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Selective Photothermolysis is based on the absorption of light by target chromophores. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate chromophore for the application being used and the desired outcome and then to apply the optimal wavelength and pulse duration for that chromophore.

"I had a ton of little tiny veins on my nose and chin, but I didn't want to pay for the expense of laser treatment, both monetarily and time-wise. My doctor suggested LHE treatments and I couldn't be happier."

Reno, Nevada

By emitting light in the 400-1200nm spectrum, LHE directly targets hemoglobin in vascular lesions. Low fluences are maintained without compromising results as heat energy further elevates the chromophores core temperature to the coagulation point. Once coagulated, the body’s natural healing process works to remove the lesion, which then scabs and drops off or is absorbed by the skin.


Vascular1 LHE directly targets hemoglobin found in vascular lesions.
SR6 The treated cells are naturally eliminated by the body and replaced with new cells.



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