Monday, 26 June 2006 00:00

Orangeburg, New York: Radiancy today announced the signing of an agreement between Radiancy and Max Exchange Corp., a daughter company of Kelti International Enterprise Group the Taiwanese direct selling giant for Cosmetic and body care products. The agreement makes way for the distribution of the Radiancy Facial Toning Device to salons throughout Taiwan.

"This marks a very special day for Radiancy," said Dr. Dolev Rafaeli, president and CEO of Radiancy, "to be associated with Max Exchange Corporation in Taiwan is a great honor for us, and we look forward to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship."

For Max Exchange Corporation, the move represents a serious expansion of its products and services.  "Our aim is to better support our customers with new and innovative products," said Vincent Chen, president of the Max Exchange Corporation.

The agreement calls for a minimum first year commitment of over $2,000,000 USD, and will supply Radiancy Facial Toning Devices (FTD) to be distributed to their network of over 3,000 salon affiliates in Taiwan.

With that kind of distribution power behind the product, excitement over the Radiancy Facial Toning Device is understandably running high. "We anticipate that the trend created by the Max Exchange Corporation purchase will spark interest in the product over the entire Asian beauty sector," explained Dr. Rafaeli. "This is a new era for the beauty industry in Asia, for the first time light-based applications will be available to all salons, regardless of size or status.

Radiancy Facial Toning Device (FTD) is an LHE Technology device for gentle skin rejuvenation. Often used as part of a salon anti-aging facial, it is reported to enhance the absorption of creams and lotions, homogenize skin tones and improve overall texture.

Phase two of the Radiancy- Max Exchange Corporation agreement calls for the joint development of a new light-based cosmetic product created according to specifications of the Max Exchange Corporation. Mr. Chen expressed confidence in the new product, due out in Q4, 2006. This confidence is reflected by the inclusion of the new product their initial order. "Facing the challenges of the future and mastering the pulse of changing trends, requires a broad and long-term vision," stated Mr. Chen. "One that we feel will be realized by offering these innovations and ever-more effective solutions to the aesthetic industry."
The new product will be sold by the Max Exchange Corporation throughout Greater China.

About Radiancy
Radiancy Inc. develops and manufactures safe, effective LHE phototherapy devices for Hair-Removal, Acne-Clearance, Skin-Rejuvenation and Psoriasis.

Recognizing that even the best technology is wasted if it does not benefit the people for whom it was originally intended. Radiancy capitalized on LHE’s inherent safety and flexibility to develop a line of easy-to-use, professional and micro-sized phototherapy devices that have revolutionized pricing structures and created new business opportunities by making phototherapy more affordable to wider range of clientele.

A business oriented outlook and a strong emphasis on client support has gained
Radiancy the largest installed-base of phototherapy devices in the world. It’s Strategic Business Solutions incorporate a full-line of market-tested promotional materials that ensure successful implementation of all products and has helped to make Radiancy the unquestioned market leader in the industry.