Friday, 31 March 2006 00:00

ORANGEBURG, N.Y.:  Radiancy recently announced the introduction of the Next Generation of Whisper™, WhisperNG an Erbium YAG laser for superficial to moderately deep facial peels. Radiancy plans to debut the device at the annual meeting of the American Academy for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, April 5-9th in Boston.

Like its predecessor, the WhisperNG laser uses proprietary Extended Ablation™ technology. Extended Ablation creates the optimal balance of fluence and pulse width to achieve a dry skin peel with no bleeding or oozing. The skin reacts as if to a light sunburn and natural peeling is spread over 3-5 days, occurring simultaneously with the healing process. The result is significant improvement in skin texture without exposing the underlying dermis. This type of gentle, rejuvenative healing is a trademark of all Radiancy products.

"Our experience in clinical trials has been very positive. The results have been dramatic with visible improvement noticed within the first 5 days," noted Dr. Mira Barki, Vice President of Clinical Affairs. "Patients particularly liked the fact that there was no need for anesthesia and that they could return to their regular schedules without any recuperation or recovery time," she added.

WhisperNG  upgrades include increased variable spot sizes and improved ergonomics. By enhancing the energy and beam profiles, WhisperNG   delivers more energy and fluence.  "Treatments are faster and more comfortable for both the physician and patient.  Clinical results are improved and the device is easy to learn, maintain and operate," said Fabian Tenenbaum, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Radiancy.

The addition of the LCD touch screen further simplifies treatment. Radiancy, eminent in its field for creating easy to use devices, was quite adamant that the user-interface be as intuitive as their other products. "It's not just creating an effective laser," remarked Mr. Tenenbaum, "It's creating a laser that's effective and user friendly. We believe that sophisticated technology means streamlining the application of that technology. WhisperNG's touch screen, with clear, easy to understand settings, promotes safety and protects against operator error. This underscores Radiancy's commitment to functional, effective and safe phototherapy."

"WhisperNGcan be used alone or in tandem with SkinStation™ or other LHE systems," continued Mr. Tenenbaum "and so it further enables physicians to choose the treatment options most suited to the needs of their patients."