Kona from Radiancy Creates New Opportunities with High Demand Phototherapy System
Sunday, 23 March 2008 00:00

Orangeburg, NY: Radiancy Inc. announced the launch of Kona, a dual application light-based system. Kona enables skin care professionals deliver quick, safe and effective treatments for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Radiancy develops and manufactures light-based systems for the aesthetic and medical skin care markets. With the addition of Kona to their product line, they hope to provide a solution for skin care professionals that enables them to offer these popular treatments to their clients, no matter the size of the practice or business.

In response to the rising demand from skin care professionals who want to offer phototherapy, Kona delivers fast, safe and effective phototherapy without putting undue strain on a business’ budget. “According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2007 statistics, skin rejuvenation and hair removal are the most popular light treatments today,” said Dolev Rafaeli, PhD, CEO of Radiancy. “Kona allows skin care professionals to take advantage of this fact by providing high-end results with no unnecessary or hidden costs.”

“Kona delivers high demand treatments with the same cutting edge technology, quick treatment time, unsurpassed safety and great results as Mistral, our flagship system,” Rafaeli continued. Mistral is used for both medical and aesthetic skin conditions. It includes an integrated computer based operating system, intuitive touch screen interface and an onboard database. It also features Optimal Pulse Train (OPT) technology to increase safety and efficacy for all skin types and hair colors. Kona developers kept on OPT technology and eliminated the medical applications, computer interface and database. This kept production costs down, allowing the savings to be passed directly to the customer.

Easy to learn and operate, Kona has one-touch setting adjustments that follow preprogrammed protocols that streamline the treatment process and allow the operator to concentrate on the client’s needs. "Radiancy is committed to give our customers cutting edge technology in competitively priced systems,” added Rafaeli, “Of course, these systems also must be small, portable and deliver excellent results with unsurpassed safety and comfort. Kona delivers all that and more."