Lasting Hair Removal without Lasting Side Effects for Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types V-VI
Sunday, 28 January 2007 00:00

Orangeburg, New York: A recent study by Dr. Neil Sadick et al concluded that hair removal using Radiancy's Sensitive Care light unit assemblies (LUAs) effectively and safely achieve lasting hair removal Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types V-VI. Due to the melanin level in these skin types, there is increased absorption of light which increases the possibility of side effects such as hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and burning.

Radiancy, established leaders in phototherapy, developed specialized lamps for photoepilation to increase safety without sacrificing efficacy. The Ruby Lamp for hair removal uses adjusted wavelengths that are more suitable for treating these skin types. Dr. Sadick performed his study to establish if these LUAs could perform safe and effective hair removal.

For his study, 23 women and 3 men participated in and completed all aspects of Dr. Sadick's study. Of these, 8 participants had Fitzpatrick skin type V and 18 had skin type VI. Dr. Sadick treated the legs, arms, bikini line, face, abdomen, axilla and back. Each patient underwent one treatment and was seen again at the 6 and 12 week follow-ups.

The participants received one LHE treatment with the Sensitive Care Ruby Lamp using SkinStation, one of Radiancy's multi-application systems. After one treatment, Dr. Sadick reported that 2 cases of edema and 11 cases of erythema occurred with one case of crusting. However, by the second follow up at 12 weeks, all side affects were found to be transient or reduced to a mild form.

An earlier study protocol defines hair reduction efficacy as achieving at least 30 % at 12 weeks. The average hair clearance reached 35%, indicating successful hair removal. In general, skin types V and VI respond well to photoepilation, however they also carry a higher risk of lasting and noticeable side-effects. This study showed that using Radiancy's Sensitive Care Ruby Lamp successfully answered these safety concerns while maintaining high levels of efficacy.

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