Radiancy Brings it Home - Safe & Effective Devices for At-Home Skin Care and Acne Clearance
Sunday, 28 January 2007 00:00

Orangeburg, New York: Radiancy Inc. announced the introduction of 2 home care devices to the American market. "Home-use devices are a natural evolution of our professional systems," commented Dr. Dolev Rafaeli PhD, CEO of Radiancy. "Intended for doctors to prescribe and sell through their offices, these small devices add another level of revenue generation never before tapped by skin care professionals."

To achieve the necessary safety and efficacy levels for home use, Radiancy adapted their proprietary Light & Heat Energy (LHE®) technology to create a less intense version than used by professionals systems - LHE MicroPhototherapy. By scaling down the energy level and fluence of the larger systems, LHE MicroPhototherapy products can be used safely and effectively by non-professionals. Available only by prescription, these products are incorporated into a comprehensive professional treatment to enhance and maintain professional results at-home.
Radiancy Facial SkinCare Device compliments skin photo rejuvenation treatments. Indicated for the lightening of pigmented lesions, the Radiancy Facial Skin Care Device uses LHE MicroPhototherapy to compliment professional skin rejuvenation treatments. FSD allows patients to be actively involved in their treatments, protecting their investment of both time and money.
For acne clearance, the addition of ClearTouch Lite accelerates acne clearance and maintains results achieved through professional LHE systems. Clear, noticeable results promote patient compliance to the entire treatment regime, one of the barriers to successful acne treatment.

Servicing both the consumer and professional market is a win-win scenario, according to Dr. Rafaeli. “These two markets are complimentary. I think the more consumers understand the capabilities of home-use devices, the more they will appreciate the benefits of professional treatments. Conversely, someone who has specialized treatments from an expert can be provided with a professional device for ongoing treatment at home."

Radiancy Inc. develops and manufactures safe and effective laser and LHE phototherapy devices for Skin-Resurfacing, Hair-Removal, Acne-Clearance, Skin-Rejuvenation, Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Removal and Psoriasis Care. Radiancy is committed to providing smaller, smarter and cost-effective devices for the aesthetic skin care and the At-Home market.