Waiting is over – Hairdressers & Salons can offer fast, lasting hair removal with MicroPhototherapy
Monday, 22 June 2009 00:00

Orangeburg, New York: Radiancy makes salon hair removal faster, safer and longer-lasting with EpiFree, light-based hair removal. EpiFree treats small areas like the face, bikini line and underarms with LHE MicroPhototherapy. LHE technology is currently used by dermatologists and skin care specialists around the world. With EpiFree, Radiancy tailored this powerful technology to fit the needs of wider range of beauty businesses, including the hair salon.

Hair removal makes up a large part of the modern salon’s business. In some cases, up to 50 percent of services performed involve hair removal. Since this plays such an important role in the life of a salon, EpiFree enables a salon to offer advanced treatments with confidence. “Up until now, salons have offered traditional options,” said Dolev Rafaeli, PhD, CEO and president of Radiancy. “But none of them offer the same long-term results that EpiFree can. This is a technology that was only available to doctors, clinics and medical spas. Now, hair salons have access to it.”

Radiancy developed EpiFree especially for salon use. “Before designing EpiFree, we talked to salon owners around the world,” Dr. Rafaeli continued. “We wanted to be sure to fit their needs, not what we thought their needs were.” Salon owners wanted something that not only worked easily, safely and delivered results; it had to fit into already tight budgets. EpiFree fills all those demands with simple one-touch operation, clinically proven results and a price tag that is sure not to break the bank. “Salon owners also wanted speed and convenience,” he added. “An EpiFree treatment can be performed in minutes – clients can get be treated as they wait for an open chair, their hair to set or their nails to dry.”

“Salons that offer EpiFree treatments will stand out, especially today when people are looking for different solutions,” Dr. Rafaeli concluded. “Its ability to offer quick, convenient treatments and long-lasting results means more satisfied customers and a healthy, growing business.”

About Radiancy

Radiancy ( develops and manufactures light-based LHE systems for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne clearance, hair removal and psoriasis care. Radiancy is the only company to offer professional technology to hairdressers, salons and spas with LHE MicroPhototherapy systems and is the proud home of the no!no! consumer product line. All of Radiancy products are small, smart and cost-effective, delivering optimal results at unmatched value. To learn more about Radiancy, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .