Pay per Pulse Leasing Program

Exclusive to Mistral

We understand that in this uncertain economy, many feel that now is not the time to risk the purchase of new equipment. But what would you say if there was a way to minimize your risk and maximize your profit earning potential?

Adapt With The Market

The Pay per Pulse leasing program allows you to bring Radiancy’s prime LHE systems into your office at a fraction of the original cost. Lease a Mistral and then pay for the pulses you need and use – nothing more, nothing less. Or, you may elect to have a time-based lease, giving you the time and space you need to decide if LHE phototherapy is right for you. Whichever option you choose, your practice and your patients can immediately start benefiting from LHE phototherapy.

Here’s How It Works*:

no1 no2 no3 no4
You lease the Mistral or
Kona for an initial down
payment or leasing fee.
You purchase Pulse
Packs (available in
increments of 5,000
pulses) from your
When a Pulse Pack
is finished or the
time limit exceeded,
purchase and enter a
new code to continue
At the end of the
lease, you can return
your system or unlock
it to run without

Buy What You Need, No More - No Less

Activating and maintaining the Pay per Pulse leasing program is simple, fast and easy. Your distributor will provide you with the codes you need and you can track the amount of pulses you use without resorting to counters or cards*. Now, you know how many pulses you need for each type of treatment and for which patient. Your knowledge and treatment control has just doubled. Please contact us to learn more about the Pay per Pulse Leasing Program and how you too can begin work with our premier systems – the Mistral for all applications and the Kona, for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

* Final conditions to be determined by your distributor.