The Power of OPT

Optimal Pulse Train technology (OPT) creates a protected environment for the safe delivery of extended LHE energy levels. Customized preprogrammed protocols define each pulse train in order to obtain optimal results with minimal discomfort.

As concentrated flashes of light are emitted over 10-85 milliseconds, pulse plateaus are extended, delivering energy over a longer period of time. After the initial pulse delivery, a slight delay occurs before the next pulse is activated. This delay protects the delicate outer layer of skin, allowing it to cool while the targeted chromophores retain their energy. The accumulated temperature within the targeted chromophore rises with each consecutive pulse, while skin temperature keeps cooler in order to increase comfort and prevent burns and other side-effects.

As the process is repeated, increased levels of energy are attained for unsurpassed results and the integrity of the skin is protected. Especially important for sensitive and darker skin types, OPT assures improved efficacy while maintaining high standards of comfort and safety.